passionate about acoustics

We are a leading independent acoustics consultancy practice.

We are acoustics enthusiasts; passionate about what we do and the role acoustics plays in a successful development. Acoustic design does not only benefit the end user; clients and developers also benefit from the added value delivered by well-designed acoustic spaces in buildings, whatever their use.

With offices in Madrid, London and Glasgow, Adnitt Acoustics Europe has over 20 years of experience in both national and international projects in Europe and the UK.

Our engineers possess a broad knowledge of construction standards and methods and we provide advice on the acoustic design of a wide range of building projects including hotels, offices, residential developments, educational institutions, hospitals, leisure facilities and commercial developments. Our aim is always to provide a pleasant and functional acoustic environment for the end user.

We pride ourselves on delivering a service which is both technically detailed and accurate as well as practical and easy to understand.

We undertake environmental noise monitoring, vibration monitoring as well as sound insulation testing. Our organisation follows the requirements of ISO 17025 and the relevant international standards and has specialist staff and equipment to undertaking this testing.

We can also advise on room acoustics (interior design) in leisure spaces such as restaurants, auditoria, shopping centres, as well as offices and education buildings where acoustic comfort is paramount to ensure good communication and to avoid unpleasant environments due to increased noise or reverberation.

We provide a wide range of services in environmental acoustics like noise modelling in commercial and leisure spaces or any other use likely to generate atmospheric noise emissions. We can also undertake noise models of urban and industrial environments in the proximity of railway lines, roads or airports both for private and public sector organisations.

We provide building services noise and vibration control advice for both noise break-out and noise break-in including all relevant standards and regulations. We provide noise and vibration control for both domestic and industrial sources. We have ample experience in combined heat and power plant (CHP), boilers, pressurisation sets, pumps, Air-handling units, etc.

Our experienced engineers can also assist in the field of vibration and the consequences excessive vibration may have in building structures or acoustic comfort within them. We provide specialist consultancy services in base building isolation.

We can assist with monitoring of demolition and construction noise and vibration. Our automated equipment can send live alerts to manage noise and vibration to required levels.